A brief history of a family business

History:Davis Kitchen & Tile

      In the 1930's his son, Henry Coleman Davis, took over the business and continued the traditional product line, but focused more on the growing popularity of ceramic tile. The business thrived as customers appreciated the combination of quality products and service.

    ESTABLISHED in 1911 by Florence Edward Davis (the tall man in the photograph), F. E. Davis Mantel and Tile Company primarily built fireplaces, then installed the tile, marble, and mantles around them.


Henry Coleman Davis


     It was in the early 1960's when Henry Coleman Davis, Jr. stepped into his father's footsteps and set a new standard for craftsmanship in the ceramic tile industry. During this time many new tile manufacturers appeared in the market and introduced new products and methods, which Henry, Jr. readily incorporated into his company.

     The year was 1989 when once again a new generation took the helm. Davis Edward Davis, after years of apprenticeship under a master, was ready to lead a Morgantown landmark into a new century. Realizing there was more to a home than tile, Ed  soon incorporated full lines of cabinetry and design services to accommodate the most discriminating customer. With new lines of product came expansion and a brand new location. Welcome to a new century of Davis Kitchen and Tile at the Pierpont Centre, Morgantown, West Virginia.


Henry Coleman Davis