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What to Expect from a Kitchen & Bath Showroom

We understand that deciding to renovate an existing space or build a brand new kitchen, bath, closet, or laundry room is a daunting undertaking. The Internet is both our friend and foe. While it provides access to every product and service that homeowners, builders, architects and designers need for a renovation project, the amount of information often is overwhelming, resulting in paralysis and elevated levels of stress. That's where a professional kitchen and bath showroom can be your greatest asset. We specialize in making order out of chaos. Here are ten minimum services that you should expect from a professional showroom:

  1. To narrow your product choices based on needs, preferences and budgets. We ask the right questions to help us better understand and identify the perfect products for your project.

  2. To direct you to the product choices that will complement your existing home décor and your personal style. Our showroom consultants will ask questions to determine the look you want to achieve and to assure that there is a consistent flow of style and color throughout your home.

  3. To establish a realistic timetable for the renovation project. We often add more time to account for the unexpected.

  4. To establish a realistic budget and to direct you to the products that represent the best value for you to stay within budget.

  5. To identify and recommend cabinets that work best for you, your lifestyle and look. The professional should explain the reasons why the recommendations are best.

  6. To help you make decisions, especially those requiring compromises.

  7. To establish a realistic installation budget and timetable.

  8. To develop innovative and custom solutions to unique and different kitchen and bathroom spaces.

  9. To explain the difference in the quality of products recommended.

  10. To measure your space before ordering any product to ensure that products specified will fit perfectly and give you a look that will make you smile every time you walk into and use your new kitchen or bath.

We recognize that our primary responsibilities are to make things work and positively change clients’ lives and living spaces. It's a responsibility that is awesome and one that we take extremely seriously. We ease stress levels and create happiness. Those are the real reasons we come to work every day. If you would like to discuss a potential new kitchen or bath project, please call us 304-296-3243 to make an appointment to visit our showroom 831 Venture Drive, The Pierpont Centre, Morgantown, WV

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