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Care Corner: Butcher Block

Butcher Block Countertop Care Guide

Investing in a butcher block countertop adds timeless charm to your kitchen. We used our vendor John Boos recommended guidelines on care and maintenance and linked to their website to purchase any care items. Here's how to ensure your butcher block remains beautiful and functional for years to come:

Ongoing Maintenance:

  • Apply Boos Block® Mystery Oil monthly to protect and revitalize the wood.

  • Use Boos Block® Board Cream for additional protection and to seal the wood surface.

  • Maintain the countertop's edge bevel to prevent splitting or chipping.

  • Distribute cutting evenly to avoid excessive wear on one area.

  • Repair minor scratches with fine grit sandpaper, sanding with the grain.

  • Clean regularly with mild soap and water, avoiding harsh detergents.


  • Avoid prolonged exposure to wet meats and liquids, which can cause wood to soften.

  • Do not cut fish or poultry without proper sealing and cleaning afterward.

  • Use caution with sharp tools to prevent chipping or splintering.

  • Avoid harsh chemical cleaners and excessive heat near the countertop.

Oil Finish Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Scrape debris with a steel scraper, then wipe with mild soap and water.

  2. Rinse with clean warm water and dry thoroughly before reapplying oil.

Varnique Finish Care:

  • Clean spills immediately with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.

  • Periodically apply wax or lemon oil to enhance and protect the finish.

  • Repair minor scratches with fine steel wool or sandpaper, sanding with the grain.

  • Major repairs should be handled by a professional furniture repair expert.

Following these guidelines will ensure your butcher block countertop retains its beauty and durability for years to come.


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