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Developing a Realistic Budget for Your New Dream Kitchen

“How much will my new dream kitchen cost?” is the number one question our clients ask.  And our answer is typically “it depends.”  We are not trying to be coy or nonresponsive. The cost of a kitchen remodel depends on the size of your space and the scope of the project (are you changing the layout, knocking down walls, installing new windows, etc.). Because there are so many factors to consider, many homeowners in Morgantown have a difficult time determining their goals and setting a realistic budget for their kitchen remodel without the help of a professional. Sure, you could search the Internet or watch home improvement television for estimates and ideas, but those sources are riddled with misinformation, misrepresentations, and unrealistic expectations. There are too many variables to exclusively use online resources to accurately estimate product and project costs. It is similar to trying to determine the cost of a new car without knowing the model, make, and special features. While they are great sources of inspiration, many online resources and home improvement television shows are not reliable resources when it comes to budgeting and planning as they generally do not account for the cost of labor, design and permitting to name a few in their budget estimates and have unrealistic timetables. 


Working with an experienced design professional can take the stress and hassle out of developing a realistic and achievable budget for your kitchen or bath remodel. We design and source new kitchens daily and leveraging this experience and knowledge can be your greatest assets.  Despite spending months researching options, many homeowners in Morgantown don’t typically know where to begin or have a complete grasp of the goals that they want to achieve.   


Is your goal for renovating a kitchen to increase the value of your home because you plan to sell in the next year?  Does your existing kitchen look tired, or does not provide the look and functionality you want?  Would you like to improve your family’s quality of life?  Do you want to make modifications that will allow you and your family to age in place gracefully and with dignity? Perhaps you have a passion for cooking and entertaining, and your existing kitchen is not meeting your needs, wants and desires. 


Establishing goals is essential to developing a realistic budget because it enables a design professional to create a customized plan and schedule that addresses those goals and preferences. 


Materials are another key determining factor in cost, and the range can be significant. Rely on your design professional to suggest alternatives based on available budgets. We are experts in providing a Plan A and a Plan B. Experienced design professionals know how different materials perform, their reliability and accessibility depending on your time frame.  


Depend on a single source to coordinate and manage the entire project. Relying on multiple vendors can be penny wise and dollar foolish. Working with multiple suppliers for appliances, cabinets, countertops, lighting, etc. takes more time, is extremely difficult to coordinate and will almost always cost more than working with a single source that can put all the pieces of the puzzle together and maintain an agreed-to budget. 


Once you agree to a plan and budget, stick to it.  Don’t start demolition until you’ve specified all of the products and finishes you need and an order schedule is established. When you change your mind in mid-renovation, you delay the project’s completion and increase your cost. Recent industry surveys found changing scope during the course of a renovation is the reason why 33 percent of kitchen renovation projects go over budget. 


Finally, budget for the unexpected.  No one has the ability to see behind walls or anticipate the unexpected.  Place at least 20% of the anticipated cost of your renovation into a mental contingency budget.  If you don’t have to use it, great.  If it is necessary, then the funds have been previously allocated. 


How can you develop a realistic budget for your renovation project?  Give us a call at 304-296-3243 or make an appointment to visit our showrooms at 831 Venture Drive, Morgantown WV and let us help you create a new kitchen within your budget that becomes the envy of the neighborhood. 


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