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Taking Form and Functionality to the Next Level

When clients come to our showroom, they expect to see cabinets with beautiful finishes, quiet operations and lots of functionality. However, the combination of form and function is the starting point. And in today’s competitive environment, manufacturers of cabinet components are constantly breaking new ground in almost every category ranging from adjustable hinges that operate without making a sound to interior storage products that make life so much easier. The following products scratch the surface of infinite possibilities for your new kitchen.

  • Custom-made aluminum framed doors inspired by European modern trends offer clean lines and innovative materials offered in a series of different inserts and profiles.

  • Concealed drawer runners that enable drawers to be opened with a tap of the finger and close without making a sound.

  • Hinges that allow doors to open to a 165-degree angle and that close doors evenly and gently thus eliminating the possibility of trapping your finger in the door regardless of the drawer’s position.

  • Systems that make it easy to backlight islands, backsplashes, countertops, cabinets or walls.

  • A spring-loaded, soft close appliance lift that enables you to mechanically raise a small appliance (weighing up to 45 pounds) from a base cabinet to the just below counter height. Once raised, the lift locks in place to steady the appliance when it use. Perfect for the baker in every family.

  • Lazy susan systems that maximize storage in corner cabinets and protects cookware from scratches.

  • In-drawer and under-counter docking stations to charge smart phones and tablets.

  • Pullout shelves for blind corner cabinets that create new storage opportunities.

  • Pullout spice racks that put functionality into filler space.

  • Knife block drawer inserts that save both drawer and countertop space and can fit into almost any sized drawer.

There are hundreds of products that can make a beautiful kitchen more functional and stylish. If you are interested in making your kitchen easier and more enjoyable to use, expanding storage space without moving a wall or improving the organization of your cutlery, cookware and other kitchen components, please give us a call at 304-296-3243 or visit our showroom at 831 Venture Drive, Morgantown, next to Micheals craft store.


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